My head is buzzing with Leadership theory at the moment and as I read I can’t help but allocate each ‘style’ with someone I know. Hopefully this will help me to remember them! But it has got me thinking back to when I was a Communications Manager and what ‘style’ my team and colleagues may have allocated to me.

So I took a survey at Mind Tools to find out some more. My results are in and here’s the thing, I’m not doing too badly! Based on these results┬ámy self-confidence in leadership is only half-way there but I have a positive attitude and outlook to help me gain that confidence, I also scored high on emotional intelligence which matches my current Servant Leadership style – listening to others, concerned about their concerns, and so on. Interestingly I also scored high on transformational leadership and I am definately working on the skills required for this type of leader – having a set of clear goals, communicating them effectively and inspiring others to help achieve them will create the transformation that I need to deliver world class library information and media resource centre services.