This week sees the beginning of yet another exciting Teacher Librarian subject in my journey towards becoming a trained (qualified) TL!

As any TL would know, ‘Resourcing the Curriculum’ presents many challenges, especially so this year as Primary School teachers here in New South Wales, Australia are implementing the new Australian Curriculum English. Personally, I submitted my Library Budget, including collection development to my Principal today. Ordinarily I would have completed this before the end of the year but being in a new school I wanted to get a feel for what we already have, what the teacher’s are planning on teaching this year and also the interests and needs of the students.

I have inherited a significant, but poorly weeded collection and this will be my major administration target this year. As a bit of a recycler (yes, also read hoarder, magpie and general keeper and reuser of everything), I am hoping that I will be able to cull and throw without regret!