Introduction to Educational Research is the first elective I am undertaking as part of my Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) with Charles Sturt University. I am feeling quite prepared as most of the Primary Schools that I have worked at have had a great culture of informing and sharing new approaches and research into education trends and practices. The Teacher Librarianship and TL as Leader subjects I completed last semester also involved A LOT of reading educational research, dissecting and critically evaluating so I have lots of ideas about a focus on the research that I would like to outline for this subject.

I am waivering between Project-Based Learning for Information Literacy and Cultural Impacts in Motivation/Engagement of Students. This latter idea becomes more and more appealing each day as I become more familiar with new groups of students in a school quite different to any other I have taught. I have had conversations with other teachers, who, like me are in their first year or so at this school, and we are recognising the same challenges – the teacher tips and tricks that worked to improve engagement with our other student populations are not working here. Why? Where does it stem from? How do we turn it around?

Which one of these sounds most interesting to you? Have you dealt with similar situations? I’d love to hear from you!