Everyone I know, knows how much I love Pinterest. But now I love it even more!

My love affair with Pinterest began a year or so ago when I started collecting ideas for my daughters’ (yep, three of them!) birthday parties. Anyone who has daughters will understand the pressure of the ‘PERFECT’ Alice in Wonderland Tea Party or Pancakes and Pyjamas sleepover, or whatever the cool kids are into right now.

But I digress – this is about my learning I promise! When asked to use a content curation tool for collecting resources I immediately spotted Pinterest. Yes, I could have used one of the other alternatives and I have dabbled with Diigo, Delicious, scoop.it and LinkedIn, but I found all of them too much work – sometimes too much typing to create and link groups, or they take you to your home page and then you have to go back and forth. Too time consuming. Plus, it was really late at night! Plus, I’m a visual learner.

It’s so easy to curate using Pinterest. I started with my topic, just looking at some Australian Curriculum links that I could use for my university assignment requiring the development of an annotated resource list. Once I selected the unit (My Place, Your Place) I simply moved my cursor over the images to see if the Pin it! button would appear. Fortunately it did so then all I had to do was either save the Pin (image with link back to the site) to an existing board or create a new one, right there on the same pop up box. Too easy!

Even if the webpage does not have a Pinterest button for saving, Pinterest has this nifty option for you to add a button to your browser so that you can pin any page that will find images. For copyright reasons some websites don’t allow their images to be saved, which is understandable. It’s always good practice to include the source of the image or content for these reasons anyway.

Take a look at ‘My Place You Place Unit‘ board. It might inspire you to Pinterest too.